Croatia & camping in Croatia

camping in Croatia - Camping Stobreč Split

Currently Croatia is among the top camping destinations in Europe. Due to its geographic position, untouched nature, preserved beaches and beautiful bays, Croatia stands out as an ideal camping country.

Many Croatian sites have been enlisted on the UNESCO World Heritage List. What is more, there is the beautiful, clear Adriatic Sea with its sandy, rocky and pebbled beaches. Camping in Croatia is a special experience also for 1 185 beautiful islands and islets that make Croatian coast one of the most indented coasts in Europe.

Republic of Croatia (with the total area of 56 594 km2) is located in Southeast Europe, in the area of junction of Mediterranean and Central European cultural-civilization circle. It borders with Slovenia and Hungary in the north and with Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Montenegro along the east border. In the south Croatia shares a sea border with Italy in the Adriatic Sea.

Country's position itself is accompanied with natural diversity of the indented coast and a number of islands of the Adriatic Littoral, Istria, Northern Croatian Littoral and Dalmatia, wooded mountains of Lika and Mountain District (Gorski Kotar) and the lakes and hills of the Central Croatia Pannonian Basin and Slavonia. Regarding climate conditions, one can say that moderate continental climate with mediterranean characteristics prevails in the littoral zone (dry and warm summers, humid and mild winters), sub-mediterranean in the hinterlands (with slightly colder winters and mild summers) and the mountainous climate, characteristic of the Mountainous Croatia.

On the territory of the Republic of Croatia, according to 2011 Census results, resides 4.4 million people, with an average population density of 77.8 people per km2. Zagreb is the capital city (with around 800 000 people), but it is also the cultural, scientific, economic, political and administrative centre of the country.

The area diversity on the rather small surface is what makes this country a special whole, enriched by extremely preserved landscapes and historical heritage. Therefore, slogans like 'The country of the thousand islands' and 'The Meditearraneum as it used to be' are more than justified.