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Camping Stobreč Split

Camp Camping Stobreč Split is a 4 star campsite, where you shall find everything necessary for a pleasant vacation in the harmony of nature, culture and fun.

Camping Stobreč Split is situated in the district of the city of Split, Stobreč. You are not sure why choose Camping Stobreč Split as your camping destination? There are several important differences that make our campsite your best choice. It is the closest campsite to Split, administrative and cultural center of Dalmatian region and it is situated next to the preserved Adriatic coast.

The distance between Camping Stobreč Split and Split historical center, Diocletian's Palace, is 7 km, and the same distance is to the Salona Archaeological Complex. The campsite is situated within green oasis, surrounded on two sides by the sea and on the third side by Žrnovnica river mouth. Even during the hottest days there is a mild and refreshing breeze in the campsite due to its peninsular position, vicinity of river Žrnovnica and the dense forest that creates rich shade.

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Awards & Ecology

Over many years we have been investing in improvement of our campsite's offer, and on many occasions we have been awarded and acknowledged for our hard work and effort.

Camping Stobreč Split Awards
ADAC TIPP Camping Awards
ANWB Camping Awards
ANWB Camping Awards
Blue Flag Camping Beaches
Croatia Best Campsite
Eco Camping Awards
Eco Camping
Certificate Eco Camping

Campsite with unique camping offer & experience

Besides two beautiful beaches, at our Campsite Žrnovnica river flows into the sea. Take a peak why Camping Stobreč Split is the best choice for your camping holidays in Croatia!

Camping Location

How to reach Camping Stobreč Split?

Campsite is easily accessible if you are arriving from Split centre, by highway or from Split airport.

Sv. Lovre 6, 21311 Stobreč, Split, Croatia

  • 43 30.236 N
  • 16 31.592 E

Check our detailed instructions for reaching us by car.

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Camping pitches and mobile homes prices

Camping Pitches

Camping pitches pricelist

Book your perfect camping pitch near sea at affordable rates.

Services Period Price from
Camping Spot B 25.09.2021. - 31.12.2021. 55.50 kn
7.40 €
Camping Spot A 25.09.2021. - 31.12.2021. 73.50 kn
9.80 €
Camping pitches 25.09.2021. - 31.12.2021. 101.00 kn
13.45 €
Unoccupied Camping Parcel 25.09.2021. - 31.12.2021. 107.30 kn
14.30 €
Camping Pitches Rental Prices
Camping Pitches

Mobile homes pricelist

Book a mobile home with terrace and sea view at affordable rates.

Mobile homes Period Price from
Mobile home Hotel 18.09.2021. - 31.12.2021. 255,00 kn
34,00 €
Mobile home Bungalov 18.09.2021. - 31.12.2021. 255,00 kn
34,00 €
Mobile home Valalta 18.09.2021. - 31.12.2021. 293,00 kn
39,00 €
Mobile home X-line 600 18.09.2021. - 31.12.2021. 293,00 kn
39,00 €
Mobile home Comfort 18.09.2021. - 31.12.2021. 368,00 kn
49,00 €
Mobile home Premium 18.09.2021. - 31.12.2021. 518,00 kn
69,00 €
Mobile Home Vista 18.09.2021. - 31.12.2021. 570,00 kn
76,00 €
Mobile Home Rental Prices

Frequently Asked Questions from campers

Payment at the campsite reception can be made using bank cards Visa, Maestro and MasterCard or by cash in Croatian kuna only, since Croatian kuna is an official currency in Croatia.

Yes. When making a reservation through direct inquiry via our web page the deposit must be paid through a bank transaction, while reservation through the online booking system requires data entry from a valid credit card or a bank transfer.

Yes. The amount of the deposit payment will be deducted from the total accommodation costs, except Reservation fee amount (185 HRK / 25 €) in case of Camping pitch reservation.

For the reservation to be valid and confirmed it is necessary to pay a non-refundable Reservation fee in the amount of 185 HRK / 25 € and a deposit payment in the amount of 375 HRK /50 €. The amount of the reservation fee is not deducted from the final bill.

The deposit for reservation of a mobile home is 30% of the total accommodation cost. Amount will be fully deducted from your final receipt.

The total receipt issued at the reception desk may vary from its initial estimate, depending on differences in the services notified for the purpose of making a reservation and the services provided during stay. The prices in euros are for information purposes only since is subject to change depends on the currency rate. The official pricelist clearly indicate prices in Croatian kuna. The euro is not an official currency in the Republic of Croatia, so your receipt must be paid in Croatian kuna, or VISA, Maestro and MasterCard at the Campsite Reception.