Camping Stobreč Split

Camp Stobreč Split, best middle sized campsite in Croatia

Camping Stobreč Split

Camp Camping Stobreč Split is a 4 star campsite, where you shall find everything necessary for a pleasant vacation in the harmony of nature, culture and fun. Camping Stobreč Split is situated in the district of the city of Split, Stobreč.

You are not sure why choose Camping Stobreč Split as your camping destination? There are several important differences that make our campsite your best choice. It is the closest campsite to Split, administrative and cultural center of Dalmatian region and it is situated next to the preserved Adriatic coast.

The distance between Camping Stobreč Split and Split historical center, Diocletian's Palace, is 7 km, and the same distance is to the Salona Archaeological Complex. The campsite is situated within green oasis, surrounded on two sides by the sea and on the third side by Žrnovnica river mouth. Even during the hottest days there is a mild and refreshing breeze in the campsite due to its peninsular position, vicinity of river Žrnovnica and the dense forest that creates rich shade.

Excursions from campsite

Apart from the rich offer within the campsite, it is easy to reach numerous tourist attractions in Dalmatia either by joining one of our organized excursions or going on self organized trip.

Since the campsite is open during the whole year, we constantly have special offers which are meant for you to discover Central Dalmatia offer in the best possible way, not only during the high season but also during the low season.

Gastro offer


In addition to our accommodation offer, we focused on gastronomic pleasure of our guests. In restaurant Horus, which is located a few meters from the sea, we prepare delicious Dalmatian specialties. Have great fun at our beach bars where you can enjoy sipping interesting cocktails and listening good music.

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Camping in Dalmatia

Camping in Dalmatia offers an unforgettable experience. Preserved nature, rich cultural and historical heritage and autochthonous gastronomic offer of Dalmatia will delight each of our guests.

Why choose camping in Dalmatia? Visit Camping Stobreč Split and see for yourself the beauties of Dalmatia.