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Must see attractions in Split, Dalmatia

Let us guide you to the most interesting attractions in Split and Dalmatia. Explore top attractions in Split and Dalmatia with us.

Red and Blue Lake one day trip

Enjoy great sights and beauty of Imotski and Dalmatian hinterland with one hour drive from our campsite. Blue Lake Blue Lake or as we call it "Modro jezero" or "Plavo jezero" is a lake located near Imotski in Dalmatian hinterland. The lake was named after its crystal clear blue water. The lake was probably formed by the collapse of an underground cave. With total depth of over 200m it offers spectacular view from the upper rim. It is also known as great hiking and sight-seeing destination. Did you know ...

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Visit Solin and explore Salona

Take a 10 minute drive from our camp site and visit Solin (Salona), the cradle of ancient and early Croatian history located on the Jadro River. Solin and Salona have a lot of breathtaking attractions so be sure to bring your cameras or mobile phones and make some great photos in one of the most beautiful ancient cities in Croatia.   Salona Salona was an ancient city and capital of Roman province on the Dalmatian coast with over 60 000 inhabitants and,...

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Top 5 attractions you must see in Split

Ok, let's say there are only 5 top attractions in Split. If you have the time, Split offers a lot more, but these are must see attractions that you shouldn't miss. No matter when you plan to visit Split, this 5 attractions will make your staying unforgettable. There is one more reason why you don't have an excuse for not visiting Split and discovering its beauties. All of these attractions are open through the whole year, so take your camera and have great fun discovering Split.   Diocletian's ...

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