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Red and Blue Lake one day trip

One day trip to Red and Blue Lake (Imotski)

Enjoy great sights and beauty of Imotski and Dalmatian hinterland with one hour drive from our campsite.

Blue Lake

Blue Lake or as we call it "Modro jezero" or "Plavo jezero" is a lake located near Imotski in Dalmatian hinterland. The lake was named after its crystal clear blue water. The lake was probably formed by the collapse of an underground cave. With total depth of over 200m it offers spectacular view from the upper rim. It is also known as great hiking and sight-seeing destination. Did you know that Blue Lake has disappeared at the end of the summer in the past? So, if you really want to discover the beauty of Blue Lake in its best shape, visit it in the spring or fall.


Red Lake

Red Lake or "Crveno jezero" is situated right next to the Blue Lake. Very high cliffs (over 240m) and numerous caves will take your breath away. With total depth of over 530m, Red Lake it is the third largest sinkhole in the world. It was named after the reddish-brown color of the surrounding cliffs, colored by iron oxides. Like the nearby Blue Lake, it is presumed that the lake emerged when the ceiling of a large cave hall collapsed. The lake is home for the protected fish called "Imotska gaovica" (Delminichthys adspersus). Did you know that is almost impossible to throw a stone into the water?


Must do :)

Visit The Topana Fortress

Besides the beauty of the lakes, you must see old Topana fortress which is located near to the mountain slopes of Blue Lake. The Fortress dominates over the town of Imotski and there is a beautiful small church in near vicinity. Take the best panoramic photo with your dear friends, family,... or enjoy in many cultural events which are held in the fortress area during the summer.

Take a swim or play football in Blue Lake

The Blue lake dries out from time to time and the locals usually play football at the bottom of the lake. But, during summer it is a great place accessible by a walking path, where you can take a swim and refresh your self.


If you didn't visit our camp site with a car, you can rent one here.

Well, we are sure you will love Imotski and both Lakes, so we dare you to throw a stone into the Red Lake :)


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