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Visit Solin and explore Salona

Salona, the capital of the Roman province of Dalmatia

Take a 10 minute drive from our camp site and visit Solin (Salona), the cradle of ancient and early Croatian history located on the Jadro River.

Solin and Salona have a lot of breathtaking attractions so be sure to bring your cameras or mobile phones and make some great photos in one of the most beautiful ancient cities in Croatia.



Salona was an ancient city and capital of Roman province on the Dalmatian coast with over 60 000 inhabitants and, according to the legend, the birthplace of Emperor Diocletian. Salona is rarely crowded so you can walk and enjoy the peaceful spirit of the ancient city of Salona. Before starting your tour, stop at the entry and check out the Tusculum Museum. Manastirine Necropolis is the best preserved, explored and maintained complex at Salona. The construction of Salona took several centuries and it has all the typical buildings of Roman civilization (The City Walls, The City Thermae, The Five Bridges and The Amphitheatre).


The Amphitheatre

At the northwest end of Salona’s town there is an amphitheatre, which forms part of the town defence system. The amphitheatre could have accommodated about fifteen thousand spectators who came to watch gladiators fights. The auditorium was divided into three tiers, the lower two with seats and the third, the upper one, for standing. In the vicinity of the amphitheatre there was a cemetery for gladiators killed in the arena. Salona has many of their epitaphs from which you can find out their names, origins, homelands and fighting specialities.


Gospin otok

In the centre of Solin (Salona), surround by all sides with the Jadro River there is a beautiful church of St. Mary, Our Lady of the Islet (Sv. Marija, Gospa od Otoka). This religious ground was also visited by Pope John Paul II on 4 October 1998 when he held a ceremony for over fifty thousand young people who came from all over Croatia.


Hollow Church

Solin is also well recognized for its Gašpine mill from the 18th century where you can enjoy a tour of the mill, see old tools and the so-called Hollow Church (Šuplja crkva). It was the coronation basilica of King Zvonimir, where he was crowned in 1076 as the King of Croatia and Dalmatia.


Solin today

Solin is not only Salona. Solin is Salona and everything else that it is today. It's a beautiful small town with great history, cultural heritage, attractions, Jadro river with rich marine life and romantic swans. It's a place where you have to stop your car to let the peacocks pass the road.


Aquarium in Vranjica

Last, but not the least. Be sure to visit Vranjic, small peninsula 5 minutes drive from Solin. Vranjica is very beuatiful peninsula but also known for its largest marine aquarium in Croatia with more than 130 different fish species, turtles and crocodiles.


Well, we prepared a small tour of Salona. Now, you have to discover all the other beautiful attractions waiting for your in the ancient city of Salona.

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