Small Dalmatian village next to Split

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Stobreč, a city district of Splitin ancient Greek known as Epidauros, is situated on the shores of the Adriatic Sea and surrounded by preserved natural scenery of Mosor mountain range and Žrnovnica River.

This traditional fishing village's tourism offer rests on manifestations in Mediterranean spirit, vicinity of the city of Split (only 7 km away from Split's historical center and Diocletian's Palace), and cultural and natural attractions of central Dalmatia.

At a short distance from Stobreč, on the area of Žrnovnica and Podstrana villages, along the slopes of Perun Hill, several beautiful biking and walking theme trails especially stand out. Along the routes of these trails one can come across many myths and legends, deeply woven into oral tradition of the local inhabitants.

mountaineering trails Podstrana, Žrnovnica...

Among these, especially prominent are legends on Roman military commander Lucius Artorius Castus, who is thought to be an inspiration for the story of King Arthur (a Hollywood screen version from 2004 was made after him), and legends on Old Slavic god Perun, a god of thunder and lightning, who used to reign on the nearby slopes.

From the peaks of Perun (Perunsko (Sv. Jure/ St. George, 441 m), Veliki Perun/ Great Perun (443 m) and Perunić (448 m)), a panoramic view is streched over Central Dalmatian islands Brač, Šolta and Hvar, the city of Split, and the villages Stobreč, Podstrana and Žrnovnica.