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Thank you for being our guests and letting us be a part of your camping journey in Croatia. The spirit of Christmas should not be just for one day but for the whole year! Wishing you love, joy and peace the whole year round. We had a great time with you in 2015., but we will do our best to make your stay in 2016. even better. ...

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ZipLine Omiš Split

Before we take you on a ZipLine adventure in Omiš, you should check out some interesting info about the ZipLine descend and the surroundings.   Omiš, Cetina, Mosor, Dinara River Cetina, with length of over 101 kilometers descends from an altitude of 385 m to the sea level where it flows into the Adriatic Sea near the town of Omiš. Cetina intersects Mosor and Dinara mountains with beautiful Cetina canyon which will take your breath away. Omiš Dinara Mounta...

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Traditional olive harvest

Among many plant species at Camping Stobreč Split, more than 600 olive trees are growing. This evergreen plant is a symbol of Christianity, peace and strength. Even in Greek mythology it was recognized as The first among the trees (prima omnium arborum), and worshiped by many cultures and religions. Today, olive tree and olive oil as a final product of olives are a trademark of the Mediterranean. Olives are harvested in ...

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Visit Solin and explore Salona

Take a 10 minute drive from our camp site and visit Solin (Salona), the cradle of ancient and early Croatian history located on the Jadro River. Solin and Salona have a lot of breathtaking attractions so be sure to bring your cameras or mobile phones and make some great photos in one of the most beautiful ancient cities in Croatia.   Salona Salona was an ancient city and capital of Roman province on the Dalmatian coast with over 60 000 inhabitants and,...

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Pool, fitness, spa and wellness in Camping Stobreč Split

We had to delay the swimming pool and wellness construction temporarily due to a high number of guests. Project will be continued after the season. We sincerely hope you will understand that even though we had a desire to improve our offer for this season already, we had to delay the construction so it would not disturb the holidays of our guests.   Well, every year we try to improve our camp site offer with something unique and interesting. This year we have many great surprises that will make your vacation in Camping Stobreč ...

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Biking in Split

Let's say you're not a fan of biking, you are not thrilled with crystal clear sea, preserved nature, the ancient city of Spalato (Split) and its beauties... Be open minded and check out few reasons why you should change your mind about biking and Split.   Now is the time to visit Split There are no crowds. It is not hot as in the summer. The entire city of Split lives in a relaxed atmosphere providing totally different experience than in the mid summer. ...

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