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Loyalty Program – Meet our Bowie

I'm Bowie, your camping buddy :)

Join Camping Stobreč Split Loyalty Program, collect me some delicious cookies and I will do my best to make you enjoy my campsite with lots of fun, joy and pleasure.

I love hanging out with my camping buddies so look for me in the campsite and let's have an unforgettable camping journey together.



Using COOKIES you collected in Loyalty Program and replacing it with SPECIAL PRIZES?

- sunbathing on our beaches with parasol and two sunbeds

- adventurous kayaking with your dear ones

- sipping some refreshing cocktails or having a dinner right next to the beach

- taking an adrenaline ride on my jet-ski


Pssst, I have another surprise for you. You can exchange cookies for 5% or 10% discount on the total cost of stay.


Find more details about Camping Stobreč Split Loyalty Program and fill the application.

Subscribe and start collecting cookies :)


Hope to see you soon :)



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