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Festival of St. Lawrence

August 10th - Celebration of Stobreč patron St. Lawrence

Festival of St. Lawrence

Today, on the August 10th, is the day of our dear host town Stobreč, so don't make any plans for the rest of the day. For the celebration of the St. Lawrence (Sv. Lovre) a festive procession around the old part of Stobreč is held as well as the traditional festivity. We invite you to join us in celebrating our patron St. Lawrence.

The Legend of St. Lawrence

For those who are not familiar with the famous legend, St. Lawrence was trusted by the Pope to share the church's treasure with the poor men. During the Valerian banishment, St. Lawrence pointed out the poor men as the church's treasure to the judge. For that, he was whipped and burned at the stake, but the torture did not brake him. He said to his torturer that he is done on this side and that he should turn him over.


Evening entertainment

Tonight at 20:00h an entertainment program will start with live music by JOLE, Đoni Gitara and Hit Factory. Also, you can stop by in some of the local taverns and restaurants that offer authentic Dalmatian food. If you are a more of a romantic soul, stop by at our beach bar and enjoy refreshing drinks on the beach.


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