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ZipLine Omiš Split

Feel the ZipLine adrenaline... Dare to try?

Before we take you on a ZipLine adventure in Omiš, you should check out some interesting info about the ZipLine descend and the surroundings.


Omiš, Cetina, Mosor, Dinara

River Cetina, with length of over 101 kilometers descends from an altitude of 385 m to the sea level where it flows into the Adriatic Sea near the town of Omiš. Cetina intersects Mosor and Dinara mountains with beautiful Cetina canyon which will take your breath away. Omiš Dinara Mountain is aslo recognized as a favorite climbing location in Dalmatia with the highest peak at 864 meters above sea level.


What is ZipLine?

Zipline is an great entertainment with a lot of adrenaline involved. In a few words, you descend through the canyon down the steel wire rope, secured with a belt.


ZipLine Omiš Split

ZipLine Omiš Split, experience great adrenaline rush while descending through the Cetina canyon down the steel wire rope with max height of 150m. We should also mention that ZipLine Omiš has 8 wires with total length of 2100m. The longest wire is 700m and you descend with the speed of 65 km/h.


ZipLine is for everyone

ZipLine is great fun for everyone. Bring your family, kids, friends and make your day special with up to three hours of unforgettable fun.


ZipLine adventure

Before the start of the trip which includes training, short walk in nature and ZipLine descend, we meet with guides and sign the statements. Before the ZipLine descend, the group goes to the training ground and each guest receives equipment. For learning purposes there there are two short wires with length of 25m. Your guides will teach you how to brake and act on cable on these small lines. After that, you are ready to meet your first wire. During the walk to the first wire you can enjoy in the beuty of preserved nature and studding views of the Cetina river canyon. On every wire there are 2 guides, one at the beginning of each wire which hooks you up, the other one which waits for you at the end. Afterwards, we can stop by in the beautiful restaurant Kastil Slanica (located on the Cetina river) and have a great authentic Dalmatian meal.

Enough said, let's go... Dare to try?

Contact us here or visit our camp reception and we will organize you the best adrenaline fun ever.


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