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Trekking on Mosor Mountain and Perun

The best view of the sea, islands and Dalmatian countryside!

Camping Stobreč Split is surrounded with three Mountains. The Mountain Kozjak in the east, in the west the mountain Perun and Mosor in the middle. Did you know that the highest peak of Mosor mountain (called Veliki Kabal) is 1339m high? Well, don't worry, we will make your trekking interesting and optimally demanding.

We start hiking after a short drive up to the village Sitno gornje (590m). After a quick brief we start the hike along the old incomplete Napoleon road which is a great warm up. The road leads us up to a mountain trail on which we can enjoy beautiful view looking on to the city of Split, Adriatic Sea, islands and our campsite :). For country lovers there are also many great views on Dalmatian hinterland. The hike brings us to a traditional Stone Mountain house (868m) where we take a break to refresh before continuing. There are two possible ways available so we can decide whether we hike to 1325m peak Vickov stup which will take us 1.5 hours or choose an easier route to one of the nearby peaks Istarska glavica or Giratina vidilica. After a taking a break where we can enjoy an amazing view of the surrounding nature, we will start walking down to the village Sitno Gornje happily tired from our memorable hiking adventure!

Let's start with the most amazing view of the Adriatic Sea, islands and on the other side, beautiful landscapes of Dalmatian hinterland. Besides this great views, you can also see Camping Stobreč Split in almost heart shape. No matter whether you just love the untouched nature, or you love to hang out and have an active day, or maybe you are romantic sole, this great mountain beauties will make your excursion unforgettable. You will surely be mesmerized with the sunset which can not be described with words.

We believe that in this case photos speak a lot more than words. Enjoy :)


Discover the view to the sea and islands and beautiful landscapes of Dalmatian countryside with great Mosor trekking tour. This great tour includes:

  • professional guide
  • transportation

Visit our campsite and make great trekking memories...

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