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Best deal for Mobile Homes -35 %

Late summer vacation in Camping Stobreč Split

Late summer vacation with up to 35% DISCOUNT

If you are thinking of a late summer vacation and you are a bit concerned because of the current situation with the most famous virus in the world?! It is hard for you to make any plans and reservation's?!

Below we are sharing some facts why you should give it a try:

  1. OUR FLEXIBLE CANCELLATION POLICY allows you to make a cancellation 7 days before your arrival date and to receive a full refund, only 1 euro for transaction costs will be deducted. If you are making cancellation less than 7 days prior scheduled arrival date you can postpone your arrival to any other date that you prefer during 2020 or 2021.
  2. SAFETY FIRST: Although the media are publishing all sorts of confusing information, in Split Region we are leaving our usual lifestyle, of course with safety measures applied.
  3. PREVENTION: Did you know that the Mobile Homes are one of the safest accommodation ever and they have been treated and cleaned in a special way using special disinfection methods. In all Campsite areas preventing measures are applied, everything is well organized so you can relax and enjoy your time here!
  4. GREAT PRICES: up to -35% on total receipt in case of reservation will be added, depending on the period in which you would like to visit us. To receive our offer or any kind of information you can contact us on
  5. NEW MOBILE HOMES: Special offer is applying even on our new Mobile Home types and they have never been more affordable.
  6. POOL AREA: Our pool area is waiting for you with 3 outdoor pools and it is free of charge to use.
  7. LATE SUMMER TIME IS A PEACEFUL TIME Feel The City of Split like a local. This is definitely a different summer season in Croatia and it is the right time to feel this beautiful City.
  8. SEA, SUN and the BEACH are healing your body and your mind.

To receive our offer or any kind of additional information you can contact us on or send a contact inquiry.

To check our Camping Pitch Special offer click here: CAMPING PITCHES DISCOUNT UP TO 15%

Greetings from our beautiful city





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