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Special low season offer for mobile homes in Split

Great low season offer for mobile homes in Split

Would you like to visit Split, Dalmatia? Enjoy camping in Split in low season with our great mobile homes special offer.

How about staying 7 nights in our mobile homes and pay only 5, or stay for 4 nights and pay only 3? We also have many interesting things to do in Split, so book our mobile home and have a fun and relaxing vacation. Psst, you can find many interesting things here.


Book your mobile home and for 7 nights stay pay only 5, or for 4 nights stay pay 3 nights. This offer is valid for the periods: 01.01.-26.05. and 01.10.-31.12.2017.


Book your mobile home and for 7 nights stay pay only 6. This offer is valid for the periods: 27.05.-07.07. and 02.09.-30.09.2017.

Check out detailed info about available mobile homes here.

Check our price list with all special offers here.


Planning to visit Split in winter, spring or fall?

Split is located in Dalmatia, a region that is known for great weather with over 2,600 hours of sunshine annually. Mild and pleasant climate, a lot of sunny days, beautiful nature which impresses with its beauty in all seasons, are just some of the reasons why Split should be your next destination. Here are top 5 attractions you must see in split.


Why rent a mobile home in winter, spring or fall?

Although tents have their own charm, out of the main season mobile homes are a much better choice because of the comfort they provide. We have prepared and excellent affordable offers for mobile homes in the low season? Check our mobile homes prices and pick your mobile home that will best suit your needs.


Gastro offer in the restaurant Horus

Visit our camp site and enjoy a great variety of Dalmatian gastronomic specialties in our restaurant Horus. Enjoy eating interesting dishes or drinking morning coffee next to the sea. Visit restaurant Horus and enjoy an interesting menu in a relaxing atmosphere.


Dalmatia is always beautiful

Everyone wants to see Dalmatia and its beauties during the summer. But Dalmatia has so much more to show. Enjoy your one peaceful and relaxing one day trips to Salona, Krka National Park or Plitvice Lakes National Park without crowds.


For sport and adventure enthusiasts

To have a really great vacation, there is only more thing you should do. Take care of your body and choose some sports activities on our camp ground. If you really like outdoor activities we recommend two great one day trips. Have a great time riding a bike in Split or trekking on Mosor Mountain and Perun.


Don't wait, book your mobile home with special low season offer now...

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